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     We recently shot a wedding shower for a client as a substitute for the engagement photo session that was included in the wedding package they chose. Since they already had engagement photos they chose to have us shoot the shower instead.

     While getting set up and ready for the session we noticed that the shower began to take on the feeling of a family get together. It was nice to watch as people seemed to see each other for what looked to be for the first time in a while.

     The catching up and posing with each other was a fun for participants and photographers alike. The relaxed atmosphere probably was a welcome reprieve fro the hectic wedding planning of all involved.

     If you have not thought about photos at your shower you might want to reconsider. What a great way for everyone to get together in a family atmosphere and take a step back from the upcoming wedding day activities. 

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Marriage Quote - Missing items “Husbands and wives are so irritating. But without them, who would we blame for misplacing our socks?” Janet Periat

I found this quote and decided to use it because it fit my life, as most quotes I pick do.

In my household things are always being "misplaced". Sometimes I actually do put them in a location that I forgot about, but......a lot of the time the item has been.......moved, or as she puts it, "put it away"

My usual response is that it was already put away. Put where I could find it. Her idea of where stuff goes and mine are very different sometimes. And for the most part that would be OK with me. If I put the item(s) in the "wrong" place and she "put it/them away" then I am OK with that, my bad.

Problem is, that my wife can usually not remember where she put the item away at. After placing the itme(s) in the proper place of storage, she cant remember where the proper place of storage is. As her and I get older this seems to happen more often.

As a matter of fact we both play this game where we will place an important item or document in its place to be kept, and then turn to the other and say, "Remind me where I put this" and then we both laugh out loud. Such is the married life.


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Get out and live “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” – Mary Lou Retton

Do it. Get off the couch, put on your mask (covid and all) and get out and live. Don't be that trophy sitting around collecting dust. Go out and make memories.

Think about it. Your fondest memories are form a place you were, a person you were with, a food you tried, or an activity you were doing. Sitting on the couch watching a TV show is more than likely not at the top of most peoples "Fondest memories".

Get up, get out and get going.

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Marriage Quote - Persuading my wife “My most brilliant achievement was my ability to persuade my wife to marry me.” — Winston Churchill

Tie the know engagement photoTie the know


    I think most men can say this quote and mean it. For all of our bravado and chest pounding that we             can do, at the end of the day I think any man would have to admit the same thing.

    For example without her we would never actually learn to wash clothes the correct way (I still don't               know), that birth dates and holidays were important, to actually find out the length and weight of                   someones newborn baby, and that the word anywhere actually has a specific place of reference when             referring to restaurants .

Seriously though, I think we would all actually agree with Winston eventually.

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Marriage Quotes - Him and his ideas “Spend a few minutes a day really listening to your spouse. No matter how stupid his problems sound to you." — Megan Mullally

Well, I guess the author is trying to tell us that listening to each other is an important thing to do in a relationship. Listening makes the other person feel needed, important, and worthy.

Listening also lets the listener learn what the speaker is thinking. It lets the listener give feedback and potentially heading off issues, concerns and problems before they happen.

Listening is also time both people spend, being unplugged. Today we are so attached to our phones, computers and other electronic leashes. Listening, really listening, forces one to put those things down and spend quality time with each other.

And with all that said, maybe the author was simply saying that her spouse was just stupid and had stupid ideas. Who knows.


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Marriage Quotes - Shopping “We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.” Henry Youngman

I copied this quote from the web page "Hitched" and the name of the article was,  52 Funny Love and Marriage Quotes You'll Want in Your Wedding Speech by Emily Deane. Judging from Emily's picture she looks young enough to have been born after the author of that quote had died.

I say this because the article is filled with quotes from famous people of all era's, and I know of no Henry Youngman, but have heard of Henny Youngman.

Henny was a comedian and musician who was born in 1906 and died in 1998. He was famous for his one-liners. Most of them being about his wife or his marriage. So I think the quote was actually from Henny Youngman and not Henry. I'm sure the author just made an assumption or a typo. But since it was taken directly from a published page ill leave it as copied. Now to my take on the quote.

In today's society Henny's one-liner might be considered sexist. I say if the shoe fits. And in today's society the shoe fits men just the same as it fits women. I myself am guilty of shopping if not holding hands.

My wife hates it when I go to certain stores. For instance, she will send me to a local farm and home supply store to get something for the pets or the barn animals. But before I leave she also gives me the, "And don't buy anything else".

I say that if she didn't want me to buy "stuff" I (we) need while I'm there, then she should have supervised my shopping. After all I (we) always need things like electrical tape, brake cleaner, a new fishing lure, ammo, another hat, a chain for the chainsaw, car cleaning products, a can of spray paint, sand paper, a new dog toy, an outdoor LED light, extra nails, lag bolts, a 6 foot piece of PVC pipe, a new shovel or rake, grass seed, did I say new fishing lures?

Oh, and don't let me walk into that store without looking in the SALE or DISCOUNT bin that they place right by the cash registers. Everyone NEEDS extra hand warmers (yes even in June), empty spray bottles, fire pit forks for cooking marshmallows, hand sanitizer, $1.00 flashlights and any other items that MIGHT be needed in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

So remember, always hold hands.

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Marriage Quotes - Sharing “Love is sharing your popcorn.” Charles Schultz

Oh, how right Mr. Schultz was. Marriage and sharing food is not limited to popcorn though.

Besides popcorn, sharing food while married includes but is not limited to french fries, drinks of any kind, deserts, and even portions of the main dish or sandwich.

Being married means that when you go out to dinner you get to go to a place called "I don't care" and that she will inevitably eat half of your food even after telling you she was not hungry.

Sharing during marriage is an important lesson that needs to be learned quickly. Sharing during marriage means sharing time with family, time to yourselves, vacations, cooking and other household duties, and in raising kids if you have them. 

When you have kids you MUST share in upbringing of them. The two of you have to have a united front. NEVER show weakness, the kids can smell weakness.

So, to go back to the original quote by Mr. Schultz "Love is sharing your popcorn". Sharing is a advised to be a lesson learned early.


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Marriage Quote - Man and Wife “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now change your Facebook status.” Anonymous

In today's world this is soooooo true. If it didn't happen on social media, it didn't happen.

As a parent, I only find out if my kids are dating someone if their Facebook status was changed from "Single" to In a "Relationship". I know I'm not the only one that can relate to that.

Social media is a here to stay. Without it we wouldn't be able to connect with lost family members, keep in touch with college or military friends, and more easily share our message.

Today's businesses also love social media. The advertising potential is far and away better than anything that was available 10 to 15 years ago.

Embrace it, use it, own it, but don't let it get out of control. Never forget the personal touch.

To keep a balance make sure you write a letter, pick up the phone, or go out to lunch with people on the other end of your social media address book. Doing that will ensure meaningful relationships that can be enhanced with online contact.

And don't forget to change your status after you get married.


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Marriage Quotes - Will Farrel Engagement kiss on phoneEngagement pictures "Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are." — Will Ferrell

Having been married for 30+ years I can tell you that this quote was spoken in truth. I actually have a nickname for my wife that goes along with this quote. I call her "Buttons".

"Slow your roll Buttons". "Relax, Buttons". These are  few things I have said while trying to calm my wife when dealing with a computer or a TV remote that might have been slow to respond.

My wife is usually pretty level headed and logical in her decision making process and actions. However, sit Dr. Jekyll on the couch with a remote that is "broken" or behind a computer that is "Just being stupid" and you can see Mr. Hyde come out immediately. Probably a few well paced curse words as well.

On a computer, she will have clicked "enter" so many times that when the dust finally settles she will have 76 of the same pages open and a spinning blue circle trying desperately to keep up with the commands being inputted. The TV/Cable remote also takes severe verbal abuse along with being hit or pounded on something so many times that it could pursue charges for domestic violence.

So the quote, while funny, holds some truth. For me, the result of the slow computer or remote is always good for a bit of entertainment as well as ensuring my need to be kept around by my wife.

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New Year New Me Well, 2021 is here. Are we happy because its a New Year or are we happy because 2020 is gone?

2020 was quite a year, wasn't it? Biggest issue was the Pandemic. That issue changed everything and had an affect on every single person, like it or not. Businesses were closed, people worked from home or lost jobs, masks were worn, schools closed etc. etc.

The changes disrupted everyone's way of life, and changed their routines. With the start of 2021 it gives us a new sense of hope. Hope that things get better and everything goes back to "normal". Let's take this time to make new promises, have a renewed outlook on life, and set new goals.

Starting a business with my brother is my 2021 goal. Well, sort of. We officially registered the business in December of 2020, but 2021 is the year that I get to work on it. I have business goals as well as personal goals for 2021.

My business goals are many, but in a broad sense I want to make it self sustaining and eventually profitable. Ultimately very profitable! Personally, I have goals such as finishing my Bachelors degree, living healthier and planning toward retirement. The degree is just a life goal, no immediate need for it. The degree also will give me options upon retirement from my current career. Retirement is still a few years away, but in sight.

I believe that going through life without a plan is a bad was to live. Not saying that plan has to be written in stone. Plans change, but a plan is a road map. Without a map you will get lost. Plans change, but having a plan will always provide one with a sense of direction.

What is your plan? Do you have one? If not, take this renewed sense of the New Year and make a plan, set goals and give yourself a sense of direction. 



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Winter Portraits Winter time is usually NOT the time people think of getting portraits taken, especially in the Northern States and other countries. Why? Because its cold out, even snow covered.

However, this is actually a good time to get those portraits that are, "just a little bit different" than others. Maybe its even a time to get your next years Christmas Card photo done. It's also a good time because photographers usually have a lot less bookings and are more willing to offer discounts or are open to negotiating a bit more.

Winter time also offers unique scene's such as snow and ice that aren't often used in formal portraits. There is also a lot of room for creative expression, by both the subject and the photographer.

So go ahead and try to get your 2021 Christmas cards done now, ask a photographer for a mini session, or an "extreme temperature" discount. In any event, Winter is a good time for photo's.

Three sisters take portraits on a snow covered bridgeSisters in the snow Sisters take winter time portraits on a snow covered bridgeSister Portraits

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MERRY CHRISTMAS All In The Family Photography would like to wish you and your family a very,


Merry Christmas

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Senior Portraits Some of you reading this are not as old........uhm........aged, as I am. When I was in school Senior Pictures consisted of a dressing up and heading to a photography studio.

The photographer would pose you against a drop cloth type back ground, throw up a colored light and fire away. Then, after a few different poses he/she would allow you to put on a different, more casual change of clothes.

Once you had your new duds on he/she might put you on a different "outdoor" looking back drop, or maybe even pose you leaning up against a fence prop in the studio. A few more shots and you were on your way.

Once the photo session was over you had to wait weeks to get the proofs printed. Once the proofs were printed, you and Mom needed to return to the studio and pick out the number of prints your Mom ordered. After you picked up your order you handed out your wallets to your fellow students, Mom passed out 5X7's to family and it was over.

Senior picture sessions today have come a long way, and for the better I think. Today's sessions are much more involved. Numerous clothing changes, different locations, with favorite cars or sports equipment and much much more. Today's Sr sessions have better lighting, better techniques, are more creative, and just an all around better product.

Today's Senior pictures are also far more specific and catered to the individual. Gone are the days of one size fits all. If you have a senior and have not already ordered your senior picture session, give us a lookWe are flexible, creative and pride ourselves on giving you a different picture than the others. Sports, superimposed, elegant, or a cap and gown session are all something we can make happen for you.

PAS_8204PAS_8204 PAS_1075PAS_1075 Twirling DoorwayTwirling Doorway NickNick

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Steps to Choosing a Wedding Photographer On the web site BRIDES, author Heather Lee wrote an article outlining 7 simple steps to finding a wedding photographer. Her steps are listed and I have added my take on the steps for added information. These 7 steps are good advice and simple to follow.

  1. Book your venue first  - You will usually select the venue about a year in advance. Sometimes venues will suggest photographers that have shot weddings at their location, or that they know well. The venue owner is a good resource for other vendors.
  2. Hit up your social networks for recommendations - By now you have probably been saving pins on Pintrest since you first decided to get married, maybe even since you were young. Create a board of your likes for your photographer to look at. Use this board when interviewing photographers. A good photographer would love to see your ideas and your likes. Also, reach out to your friends, ask for their experiences and what to look for etc.
  3. Figure out the style of photography you like - Each photographer has a style. Some are traditional, some photo journalistic, some a combination. In addition, each photographer has a look about their photos. Some shoot with an edgier style using shadows and contrast, some have a softer more whimsical style. Look around figure out what you like.
  4. Interview photographers - This is where you will get to know your photographer. Ask to see specific shots, whole weddings, and even photos in the venue you chose if he/she has taken photos there.
  5. Discuss the fee - Find out what the quoted price includes. Some photographers provide photo books and other items with certain packages. Some photographers do not. If a photographer prices are higher than others, that might mean you get more included and wont have to purchase items after the fact. Ask about add-ons, whats included, and extra time. Adding an extra hour of time might get you more of what you want without paying for a higher priced package.
  6. Go with your gut - After you have narrowed it down to a couple of photographers go with your gut. Your photographer has to make you feel comfortable. Your day will be a busy one and you must feel confidant that all will go well with the pictures. You should "know" you have made the right choice.
  7. Schedule a test run - Scheduling an engagement session is a good way to get to know the photographer. Get to know his/her style, how he/she works. If not an engagement session, maybe ask for a quick mini session to get a few pictures of you and your otehr half, or maybe just a few pics with you and your pet. Either way, consider this the same step as test driving a car before you buy it. You can always say no.

To read the full article use this link      good luck.



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If you or anyone you know is getting married this year this might be for you. This thing that might be for you or someone you know is a chance to win %30 off of any of our wedding photo packages.

That's right %30 off of total cost of a package. That's $300.00 off of a every $1000.00. With the savings you could save yourself some money on the wedding, or use the savings to afford a higher priced package. You choice.

The rules are simple. Share our post advertising the offer (we are on Facebook and Instagram), and send me an email with a few specific things in the email. That's it, easy peazy.

Here are the rules:


All In The Family Photography’s New Year Wedding session drawing. Starting December 9, 2020 and going to January 20th, 2021.


%30 off any wedding package to be used withing a year of the drawing date.


  1. Share the post from our FB or Instagram pages.
  2. Send an email to enter to [email protected]
    1. Email Entry must list “Wedding Drawing” in the subject line of email.   
    2. Entry email must contain full name, phone number, a picture of the person entering, and statement allowing All In the Family Photography to use your image and name for promotional uses.                

I  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________  allow All In The Family Photography (AIF Photography) to use my image, name for promotional purposes.

  1. Entry deadline is January 19th at 6:00pm.   
  2. One entry per person.                       
  3. Drawing to take place at 1pm on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021.
  4. The contest must have at least 10 entries to take place. If less than 10 people enter the drawing, then those that did enter will be contacted and given %10 off ANY of AIF’s photo packages to be used within one year of the drawing date. 


Detailed information can be found on our FB, and Instagram pages along with our web site under the About tab. You can also message us through Facebook and Instagram or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]



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Looking for that special photo? Are you looking to get that extra special picture from your senior portrait or other session? Take a look at this superimposed action/posed shot.

We do these pictures by combining two photos. We start by taking a few posed pictures on a background that will look good with a superimposed action photo. The we choose an action photo that will fit with the composition of one of the posed photos.

A bit of editing work and a little while later, we have a picture like this one.

If you want one or two of these for your senior photos, a family portrait or any other need you might have, contact us and see how we can give you one for your photo needs. For samples of other special effects photos we have created, send us an email and we can reply with some sample pictures.

Superimposed photo on photo of senior football player.Senior Football Player

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Engagement Photos, Picking a Photographer Ok, so you've to take the plunge, tie the knot, get hitched, whatever you call it. So many steps in the process, so much to think about. what will you do? One of the tasks at hand now will be to pick a wedding photographer and or an engagement photographer.

Picking a photographer is something you will need to do eventually. Picking the same photographer for engagement and wedding pictures save you a step in addition to letting you "get to know" your photographer before the wedding day.

He/She will be able to learn your personality which will lead you and him.her to be more comfortable on the wedding day and make for an overall better photo experience.

The link below was taken from the web site, and is a very good place to get your engagement photo questions answered. Read the article, make some notes and apply what parts fit for your situation. If you have any questions please let us know if we can help.




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Quick Christmas Gift Idea for the Pet Lover in Your Family Christmas is coming. Santa is making a list and checking it twice. Have you checked your gift list?

If your missing a gift idea for that pet lover in your family, go out and make them a photo calendar, coffee mug, cell phone case or other item with pictures of your pets or their pets. Maybe even some wildlife photos. You can even take these pictures with most cell phones.

In a recent article I was reading on the Online magazine called Photofocous, I found an article written by a Julie Powell.

 In this article Julie was giving Christmas card ideas using and other Christmas type decorations you have around the house. Check out a copied portion of her article here.

I did the most amazing pet pawtrait last year which I’d love to use as a Christmas card, but I have a few other ideas too.

Places like Moo make it easy. Here, you can get 25 cards printed with 25 different images (for no extra charge), so you can really make things personal. And all with an envelope for about $1 per card, which really is as cheap as a store-bought card.











This is just one idea. You can be a little playful or go more traditional — it’s totally up to you! But whatever you decide, be sure to get your order in quick … Christmas will be here in no time.

(All In The Family Photography) Christmas Gift ideas Gifts Thu, 03 Dec 2020 06:45:00 GMT
Up and running  



2019-10-4 Colt and Amanda (11)2019-10-4 Colt and Amanda (11)Look at us, we are official now. Call me!

Look at us. We are open for business. Little Colt is looking at you and saying, "Call me". So since he is too young to talk, call us and we can talk.

Call or send us a message. All In The Family Photography is up and running. We have hung our shingle so to speak.

Starting out has been a busy time. Much time has been spent behind he scenes getting licenses, insurance quotes, opening bank accounts, partnership agreements, social media pages, web sites, linking everything together. OMG it has been a tedious path. Still have much to do.

Set up and create our book keeping system, create and schedule content to be posted. Start booking events, reaching out to vendors and clients, etc. etc. it never ends. We will figure it all out.

I do have plans to have a few guest posters. I think you will like my guest. She has a creative way of writing and everything is a real life story worded in a funny way that we can all relate to. So stay tuned for some funny upcoming content, and pass the word for us. We have camera, ready to click away.

(All In The Family Photography) business contact portrait Wed, 02 Dec 2020 06:30:00 GMT
Portrait Tips We've all been there. Trying to get a good smile or eyes forward out of our subjects.

As budding photographer, mother of kids, or a teenager taking a picture of your classmate, what is it that you do to the person your taking a picture of to give you a genuine smile?

Do you tell them something funny, ask a funny question, what? I have read a few articles and usually the photographer can set up a situation to get the smile you want. Lets say a couple are being photographed. You could get with one of them before the session and tell them that when you say the code word, that person is supposed to grab the others behind.

This act of rear-end grabbing usually gets a natural, surprised reaction out of the grabbie, and even a genuine smile out of the grabber. The genuine reactions keep coming for a little while after the initial grab, so keep shooting and be ready.

Leave me a comment on your go to move or line to get a natural, genuine look or expression.

Be safe, and keep clicking.


(All In The Family Photography) laugh portrait smile tips Mon, 30 Nov 2020 01:44:37 GMT