Senior Portraits

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Some of you reading this are not as old........uhm........aged, as I am. When I was in school Senior Pictures consisted of a dressing up and heading to a photography studio.

The photographer would pose you against a drop cloth type back ground, throw up a colored light and fire away. Then, after a few different poses he/she would allow you to put on a different, more casual change of clothes.

Once you had your new duds on he/she might put you on a different "outdoor" looking back drop, or maybe even pose you leaning up against a fence prop in the studio. A few more shots and you were on your way.

Once the photo session was over you had to wait weeks to get the proofs printed. Once the proofs were printed, you and Mom needed to return to the studio and pick out the number of prints your Mom ordered. After you picked up your order you handed out your wallets to your fellow students, Mom passed out 5X7's to family and it was over.

Senior picture sessions today have come a long way, and for the better I think. Today's sessions are much more involved. Numerous clothing changes, different locations, with favorite cars or sports equipment and much much more. Today's Sr sessions have better lighting, better techniques, are more creative, and just an all around better product.

Today's Senior pictures are also far more specific and catered to the individual. Gone are the days of one size fits all. If you have a senior and have not already ordered your senior picture session, give us a lookWe are flexible, creative and pride ourselves on giving you a different picture than the others. Sports, superimposed, elegant, or a cap and gown session are all something we can make happen for you.

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