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“We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.” Henry Youngman

I copied this quote from the web page "Hitched" and the name of the article was,  52 Funny Love and Marriage Quotes You'll Want in Your Wedding Speech by Emily Deane. Judging from Emily's picture she looks young enough to have been born after the author of that quote had died.

I say this because the article is filled with quotes from famous people of all era's, and I know of no Henry Youngman, but have heard of Henny Youngman.

Henny was a comedian and musician who was born in 1906 and died in 1998. He was famous for his one-liners. Most of them being about his wife or his marriage. So I think the quote was actually from Henny Youngman and not Henry. I'm sure the author just made an assumption or a typo. But since it was taken directly from a published page ill leave it as copied. Now to my take on the quote.

In today's society Henny's one-liner might be considered sexist. I say if the shoe fits. And in today's society the shoe fits men just the same as it fits women. I myself am guilty of shopping if not holding hands.

My wife hates it when I go to certain stores. For instance, she will send me to a local farm and home supply store to get something for the pets or the barn animals. But before I leave she also gives me the, "And don't buy anything else".

I say that if she didn't want me to buy "stuff" I (we) need while I'm there, then she should have supervised my shopping. After all I (we) always need things like electrical tape, brake cleaner, a new fishing lure, ammo, another hat, a chain for the chainsaw, car cleaning products, a can of spray paint, sand paper, a new dog toy, an outdoor LED light, extra nails, lag bolts, a 6 foot piece of PVC pipe, a new shovel or rake, grass seed, did I say new fishing lures?

Oh, and don't let me walk into that store without looking in the SALE or DISCOUNT bin that they place right by the cash registers. Everyone NEEDS extra hand warmers (yes even in June), empty spray bottles, fire pit forks for cooking marshmallows, hand sanitizer, $1.00 flashlights and any other items that MIGHT be needed in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

So remember, always hold hands.


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